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Hello, I'm Noah. These are side projects to help friends and to survey new technique.

Online Judge System (web) is the first side project during my master degree. It's created for TAs to check students' code efficiently. It allows student upload their code and test it.
Usage: Python, SQLite

Sale System (web) is born to help my parents who are not familiar to computers. It provides a way to generate invoices. This side project uses Python simple-HTTP server to provide localhost service.
Usage: Python, SQLite

NightMarket@Tainan (iOS) is a small project with friends. Given user location, this app shows the distances between user and night-markets in Tainan City.
Usage: Swift

Sale System (mac) is an enhancement of web version. Desktop version provides more feature and control on encryption and system backup.
Usage: Swift, SQLite

File Sharer (mac) is a side project to share file using Dropbox.
Usage: Swift, SwiftyDropbox SDK

File Reader (iOS) is an APP to access file by QR code.
Usage: Swift, SwiftyDropbox SDK